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Endorsement® Fees

 Introductory Fees

Good Through 2020

Family Associate

 Family Specialist  Mental Health Specialist  Mental Health Mentor
 Year One        
 Individual SCIMHA Membership  $45  $45  $45  $45
 EASy Registration  $20  $20  $20  $20
 Endorsement® Application   $50  $75  $100  $125
 Exam   N/A  N/A  $25  $25
 Total  $115  $140  $190  $215

These fees have remain unchanged since 2019 and cover the following:

  • The use of an online application system (EASy).
  • Individualized support from SCIMHA’s Endorsement Coordinator throughout the application process.
  • Access to an Advisor to support you with finalizing your application for submittal.
  • 2-3 peer application reviewers.  
  • A resource study guide to prepare for the exam (required for Mental Health Specialist and Mental Health Mentor applicants only).
  • A proctored exam. 
  • 2-3 exam reviewers upon completion of the exam.

PLEASE NOTE: SCIMHA is unable to issue refunds (full or partial) at any stage in the Endorsement® process.

SCIMHA is a 501(c)3 organization

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